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Roadside Spray Management

Ensuring clear and safe passages with professional roadside herbicide applications for urban, rural and forested areas.

Forest Management and Surveying

Expert forest management services, including timber cruising, buffer marking, and comprehensive inventory surveys.

Specialized Vegetation Control

Precise control of targeted herbicide applications for diverse environments.


A Few Words About Us

At Aklin Vegetation Management Co., we specialize in roadside and forestry right-of-way spray applications, working closely with city, county, state, forestry, private, and commercial clients across Oregon and Washington. Licensed and insured, we are committed to professionalism and quality in managing a wide range of projects throughout the year. Our services extend from controlling noxious, invasive weeds along right-of-ways to comprehensive forestry management with a team of professional foresters. As leaders in the Pacific Northwest in vegetation management, we prioritize every customer, ensuring personalized solutions to meet all forestry needs. Contact us today—no project is too small, and every customer is our top priority.

This is Why

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Expertise and Certification

With specialized licensing and endorsements for herbicide application in Oregon and Washington, we bring certified expertise to every project. Our staff of professional foresters is equipped to handle all aspects of forestry and vegetation management with precision and care.

Year-Round Commitment

We operate all year round, ensuring that our clients receive consistent and timely services regardless of the season. Whether it’s roadside management or complex forestry projects, we are always ready to assist.

Customized Solutions

At Aklin Vegetation Management Co., we understand that every landscape and client need is unique. We work in close partnership with our clients, offering tailored solutions that effectively address specific vegetation and forestry challenges.

Proven Track Record

As a leading company in the Pacific Northwest, we pride ourselves on a history of quality and success. Our dedicated approach has made us a preferred partner for a diverse range of clients, including city, county, state, and commercial entities.

Customer Focus

We believe that no project is too small and every client is our number one priority. This customer-first approach ensures that we deliver not only professional results but also exceptional service and support.

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